yuzu-mikan kubi itai

The elevator is talking to me

I am either going insane, or am already insane.

I just got on the elevator at the JCCC (I take the elevator when I buy coffee downstairs because I tripped and made a mess on the stairs one day), and was surprised and disturbed at what I heard. First of all, after getting on the elevator, I heard a "ding-a-ling-a-ling" sound and thought that perhaps the elevator broke down. (The doors were already closed). The next thing you know an ad (like a radio ad) for a credit card was heard through what I believe is the emergency communication speaker.

Is that allowed?

I just told the people in the office upstairs, and they gave me a puzzled look. I am equally puzzled.

Am I working too hard? (A note that the JCCC receptionist was in the elevator with me, so I am not imagining things.)

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yuzu-mikan kubi itai

Manpuku de Manpuku!

Yay! I'm going to Manpuku today! わくわく... I haven't been there in a while, and I really needed to get out of the Don Mills and Scarborough zone. And besides, it's a long weekend, so I want to start off my weekend as relaxed as possible.
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yuzu-mikan main

My butt still hurts

I sometimes think I should call this my "Ouch Log."

On Monday I slipped and tripped on the "not maintained, use at own risk" stairs outside of Paul's Coffee Shop. I scraped my arm and hit my legs (and hips and butt as well) quite hard. It was painful, but I was amazed that the milk carton that went flying up the stairs was not punctured.

I found this on Etsy. I like the name of it...Ouch Pouch. It definitely sounds like something for me. (It also comes in other owl patterns.)

Oh, I bought a Metropass this month. (My first time). I had to get one after an incident over the weekend where I had to walk all the way around to other side of the block (no shortcut thanks to St Michael's College School). The usual TTC entrance from my sister's place only accepts tokens.
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yuzu-mikan kubi itai

I feel miserable

...and broke.

It's been an awful day and it's not even noon. I will just list everything that happened so far because I don't really feel like writing something that is organized.
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yuzu-mikan yah!

Oops and Ow

I am quite shocked that no one told me that I had my shirt on inside out today. At least you couldn't see the tag. I was quite sleepy when I ran out the door and quickly pulled on my shirt. It wasn't until I was packing up for the day and went to the washroom to clean my dishes that I noticed something strange. Looking in the mirror I was shocked to find that my buttons were missing, or rather they were not showing because my shirt was not on the correct human way. I was then told that because the shirt was striped, the individuals I asked about my mistake did not notice that it was inside out.

I then made my way to my sister's and at her place I swallowed a mid-sized ice cube. It was stuck in my throat so I tried to swallow it, but that proved to be even more painful than it already was. (I still have my tonsils and it was probably stuck there). Gasping for air, I forced myself to cough it up. Now my throat feels scuffed and it hurts when I swallow.

Tomorrow the Japanese emperor will be in town and I am on the greeting party at the airport. I hope nothing unfortunate happens to me before that.
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yuzu-mikan kubi itai

Yuzu-Mikan's Injury Report Part [fill in a number]

I didn't want to turn my journal into an injury log, but I managed to pull a muscle in my neck area and have been in a lot of pain. I still went shopping at IKEA with my sister yesterday. Apparently I looked like a turtle. And my sister wouldn't stop smiling after she found out that I couldn't really turn my neck.

At least it seems to be getting better now. Hopefully the pain will be gone by tomorrow!
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