Last week I noticed there was some scruffling sounds near the front door so I set up a mouse trap on Sunday night.  Not too long after going to bed I heard a "snap" and then some clinking sounds of plastic hitting the floor.  After that it was quiet so I went to bed knowing that the mouse had been caught.  When I woke up on Monday I noticed the trap was not where I put it and it was nowhere in sight.  I had to work at the Elections so I hurried out that morning before 7 a.m.  I got back at midnight and just plopped dead on my bed.  I was pretty dead yesterday so I didn't do anything that required energy.  Today I had an event to attend but after returning and eating lunch I decided I should search for the trap and (dead) critter before it starts decomposting.  There is a cabinet right by where the trap was set so I looked under it with a flashlight but nothing but dust could be seen.  I looked from both sides and nothing.  I then looked under the ottomon sitting in front of the cabinet (with a flashlight) and there it was, trap and all.  Dragging the ottomon also dragged the trap and critter because the space underneath it wasn't big enough so I had to move everything on top of it and pick it off the floor.  In anycase, I am glad I found it.  I carefully put it in a paper bag and then plastic bag, trap and all and threw it out in the garbage bin outside.  

If you are ever in need of an effective mouse trap try this one.  This is my second time using them and it works. But note that your mouse will drag it for about a metre before it dies so place it where there is nowhere for it to go under. 


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