Vegetables galore

In the spring we started planting in our vegetable garden.  It was later than usual but now the vegetables are coming up ripe.  The only problem is that the squirrels are after them too.  Every time I see a tomato ripening up the next day it has been bitten or half eaten.  I am getting pretty annoyed with them.  My sister told me that they are probably thirsty so leave them a bowl of water. I did try this but it doesn't seem to work.  Now she says I should scatter coffee grinds and hang dryer sheets.  I really hope this works.  My sister came by last weekend and pruned the tomato plants.  To me it was too much.  They look pretty bare and easy for the squirrels to target.  In any case, we are currently losing the battle.  I am not happy.  I hope to report back next time with better news.


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