And I thought Spring was here...

It was becoming warmer and warmer in the last month or so. I thought Spring was definitely here.  Well, it snowed today.  It didn't really accumulate, but you could see the snow on the grass and on the evergreen trees.  I was just about to start gardening and maintaining the lawn.  I guess that has to wait a bit. It's pretty cold today compared to last week.

I bought a weed picker and rake and stocked up on soil and manure, so I am ready for the new season.

I am very excited about Friday.  I have ordered banh mi's and coffee from Rustle and Still.  I really love their banh mi's and when they started delivery to Scarborough (east end of Toronto) we ordered.  That was back in December.  We have been looking for a time to order since they changed their delivery date from Tuesday to Friday.  I was actually going to order last week, but with my wonderful memory I forgot.  I placed my order today so we would be able to have our banh mi's on Friday.  Can't wait.

It's been over a year since Covid-19 started to devastate the world.  I have hardly gone out and my favourite restaurants have mostly all closed.  It is very sad.  But they have finally announced that those 40 and over can get the vaccine.  It is wonderful new, however the day we were allowed to make bookings with the pharmacies, Rogers/Fido was down.  That means I couldn't make or receive calls until around 10 at night.  I tried signing up the following morning but every place was full.  I put my name on a waiting list, but I don't think I will be called any time soon.

Did I mention I have bad luck?


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