Spring is on its way...

I can't believe it's March already.  The weather is getting warmer so hopefully spring is around the corner.

I have been busy going to my parents' place last week and this week.  They were having problems with their TV and I finally called up Rogers to have them come in to fix it.  They had to replace the machine so they now can watch TV.  Can you believe the last one died in four months?  That's unacceptable.  What kind of cheap products do they use?  We never had that problem with Bell.  And the PVR system is too difficult for my non-English speaking parents to figure out.  So so far my parents' hate Rogers.  They never had a problem figuring out the PVR with Bell.

I thought everything was settled but it turns out that a new machine means I have to reprogram all the shows they were recording.  And they didn't get to watch all the recorded shows either.  Anyhow I think I have to go in again.

Also, Bell overcharged my dad $10 for internet usage my dad doesn't use.  He has a flip phone and can't even figure out how to listen to his voicemail, although I've taught him many times?  How do you think he could access internet on his phone?  He doesn't even know it exists.  Anyhow I am going to fight it out.

I hope it's a nice day again for the next few days so I can enjoy my walk.

And I officially don't think I have to pull out my winter clothes now that spring is near.


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