I love my air fryer

I got an air fryer on Black Friday last year, but it had been sitting in the hallway for the past couple of months.  I finally opened the box and decided to try using it. I first made tonkatsu (pork cutlets with panko) and it turned out great.  I like that it doesn't have a greasy taste like when you deep fry it.  It feels rather light so you don't feel bad after eating it either.

I bought salmon the other day and looked for a recipe online to cook it in the air fryer.  I looked at several and decided to try the one on delish.com. I am used to just salted salmon cooked in a frying pan, but this one I made was really good!  I highly recommend it.

Today my mother brought over some left over curry with just vegetables.  I had bought more pork cutlets so I air fried more tonkatsu and had katsu curry for dinner.  

I am so happy I bought the air fryer on sale!  I had been keeping an eye on it online for several months until a sale came up.  I think it's the best thing I've bought in a long time.  And it's pretty much stress free.  When I would deep fry food I would usually get burns and would also have to wipe the oven and surrounding area clean because of all the oil that has splattered out of the pot.  The air fryer is so easy to clean and it leaves no mess around it.  I highly recommend it to people who are curious about it.  I am looking forward to trying out more recipes I find online.


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