Update on Best Buy and other things

So the installation guys finally came today.  That's like one month later.  And they had no idea what they were doing.  They had to make phone calls back and forth and take photos to try to decide what to do.  Luckily I had done my research about the machine so I knew better than them what to do.  I hope everything works fine now.  The last thing I want is a leak.

Last week I went to a shopping area with Japanese stores called J-Town.  They were closed for a week due to some working holiday person at the grocery store there having Covid-19.  We stayed away for two weeks and finally went last Saturday.  My dad wanted me to buy him a lottery ticket but because he changed to the cheaper one lately, when he gives me a $10 bill there is change involved.  I told myself so strongly not to forget the change.  I got the change and walked out without the ticket.  I noticed that I never picked up the ticket when we were halfway home.  I phoned when we got back and luckily the ticket was still there.  They saved it for me and I got it today.  Next time I will remember the change and the ticket.

As you can see, after I burned out at work and PTSD, my memory has been getting worse by the year.  I cannot do two things at once (thus I could only remember to get the change and not pick up the ticket) and my attention does not last.  It's been getting so bad that it is affecting my quality of life.  And every time I forget something I panic.  Not very fun, but I cannot do anything about it right now.  It really sucks but I guess life goes on...

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