Best Buy, you are now Worst Buy

In my non-online life, I have been depressed and things happening have not helped.  I bought a smaller laundry machine (or rather my sister did) so I could replace our broken one.  When we ordered it the website said that they would call to confirm delivery and if we wanted other options.  I never received a call so I called them three days before the delivery date.  We were able to add on the service to take away our old machine.  I also asked if I needed to buy anything to have the machine installed.  I asked this a few times. The girl told me everything was included and I didn't need anything extra.  The night before delivery we got a call saying that they couldn't charge us for the take-away fee because it was paid for by Paypal.  I quickly called them back but no reply.  Or rather the number they tell you to call can't be directed to operator as he said I should do, since no one picks up.  My sister had to call Best Buy and leave a message for the person who called to call back.  No call that night although we waited till quite late.  This gave me a headache and a sleepless night.  Well, they did come the next day and took our machine, but wouldn't install the new one saying we didn't have new hoses.  This is why I asked to girl on the phone a few days earlier.  I told him what she told me and the men told me it wasn't their fault.  That's all they would say.  I was literally forced to sign the paper to say that delivery and the install was successful.  I was not happy.  My sister then called Best Buy who the customer service person first said they could do nothing about it.  After my sister told them she paid for the service to have it installed (included with delivery) they said they would open a case and have someone call back in a few days.  Well, it's been like three weeks and nothing has been resolved.  You suck Best Buy.  Should I call you Worst Buy?


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