Happy New Year

Sorry for the belated New Year greeting.  I had trouble logging in and kept on getting locked out.  If anyone is reading this, I hope you have been well.  I am hoping to update my website more frequently and add manga and BL novel reviews (in English).  My Tumblr account has been resurrected.  It has short reviews for BL manga and novels I've read (in Japanese), to keep track of what I have been reading.  I also started an online bookshelf of manga I own.  Not all the physical non-BL manga have been listed yet, but I think I got the majority up.  As for digital versions, I only have BL manga from Honto listed.  The EbookJapan ones, BL novels and non-BL titles have not been added yet.  As you can see I have a lot of books.

Hope this year turns out to be a better year than last year.


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