Updated Items for Sale list

Happy New Year!

Over the past few months, and today, I have updated the list of things for sale I have up on my homepage here.  Some items include D.N.Angel (Sugisaki Yukiru) notepad, tin cases and stamps, Hikaru no Go plush mascots with pins or suction cups, stamp sets and postcards, Gentlemen's Alliance (Tanemura Arina) furoku wallet and file case, Fruits basket note cards, clipboard with note paper, and memo pad, Ashita no Nadja, Mamotte Shugogetten and Twin Spica pins, Koucha Ouji (Prince of Tea by Yamada Nanpei) binder with paper, teapot, pins, tea spoons and tea cozy, Candidate for Goddess / Pilot Candidate (Sugisaki Yukiru) stamp set, Full Moon wo Sagashite (Tanemura Arina) stationary set, Full Metal Alchemist clear file with tabs, and stamp set, Little Busters and Summon Knight fastener accessories, Yuri on Ice straps, and much much more.

I am also selling preowned DVDs (some have not been opened or watched).  These include Cyberteam in Akihabara, Dragonaut, Ghost Slayer Ayashi, Magical Play, Melty Lancer, Mezzo Danger Service Agency, Moonlight Mile, Origin Spirits of the Past, Paradise Kiss and Samurai 7.  I have one Japanese Blu-ray for sale and it is Hybrid Child Vol. 1, with extras.

My list also includes artbooks that are all in excellent condition.  Included titles are Five Star Stories Designs Vol. 1, Koucha Ouji Yamada Nanpei Quality Seasons, Kurumada Masami Saint Seiya Illustrations Sora, Negishi Kyouko Cafe Kichijouji de artbook, Tezuka Osami SF Hero artbook, and Yasuda Akira Turn A Gundam Designs.

I have a set of Working / Wagnaria Nendoroids and Puella Magi Madoka Magica Nendoroids on sale too.  Other figures I have are Saint Seiya Gold Saints (3 types) Medicos figures, Trigun Story Image Figures, and World Masterpiece Theatre vignette series figures.

I am also selling off part of my Pinky:st collection and those on sale include the Suzumiya Haruhi set, Summer Wars and other random ones.

My website has photo links with the item names so if you are curious what an item looks like, please click on the links.

Anything I don't sell online I will be taking to Nominoichi at Anime North in May.  This will be my last Nominoichi so I hope I do get a full table there this year.

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