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Rilakkumaaaa!! Part 2 ...and Pink Owl Kitty...

Another package arrived today from Strapya. It's a dangerous store. And although the day after I ordered this batch two other things I am interested in purchasing appeared on the site, I will not make another purchase until next month. Really...

The main reason I placed my last order (a week after the kitty bank arrived) was because I could not resist purchasing the phone strap and fastener mascot with Hello Kitty in a pink owl outfit. It's not because of the cute Rilakkuma items saying, "buy me." Really...

Some of the items were purchased from CD Japan last month (pre-ordered a couple of months ago).

Pictured above are, from left: back row, screen cleaner (for cell phone, camera, etc.), earphones, cell phone strap (Kitty), key cover x 2; bottom row, fastener mascot (Kitty), iPod nano case, cell phone/camera pouch


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