September 22nd, 2021

yuzu-mikan main


Last week I noticed there was some scruffling sounds near the front door so I set up a mouse trap on Sunday night.  Not too long after going to bed I heard a "snap" and then some clinking sounds of plastic hitting the floor.  After that it was quiet so I went to bed knowing that the mouse had been caught.  When I woke up on Monday I noticed the trap was not where I put it and it was nowhere in sight.  I had to work at the Elections so I hurried out that morning before 7 a.m.  I got back at midnight and just plopped dead on my bed.  I was pretty dead yesterday so I didn't do anything that required energy.  Today I had an event to attend but after returning and eating lunch I decided I should search for the trap and (dead) critter before it starts decomposting.  There is a cabinet right by where the trap was set so I looked under it with a flashlight but nothing but dust could be seen.  I looked from both sides and nothing.  I then looked under the ottomon sitting in front of the cabinet (with a flashlight) and there it was, trap and all.  Dragging the ottomon also dragged the trap and critter because the space underneath it wasn't big enough so I had to move everything on top of it and pick it off the floor.  In anycase, I am glad I found it.  I carefully put it in a paper bag and then plastic bag, trap and all and threw it out in the garbage bin outside.  

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