December 2nd, 2009

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My butt still hurts

I sometimes think I should call this my "Ouch Log."

On Monday I slipped and tripped on the "not maintained, use at own risk" stairs outside of Paul's Coffee Shop. I scraped my arm and hit my legs (and hips and butt as well) quite hard. It was painful, but I was amazed that the milk carton that went flying up the stairs was not punctured.

I found this on Etsy. I like the name of it...Ouch Pouch. It definitely sounds like something for me. (It also comes in other owl patterns.)

Oh, I bought a Metropass this month. (My first time). I had to get one after an incident over the weekend where I had to walk all the way around to other side of the block (no shortcut thanks to St Michael's College School). The usual TTC entrance from my sister's place only accepts tokens.
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