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I love my air fryer

I got an air fryer on Black Friday last year, but it had been sitting in the hallway for the past couple of months.  I finally opened the box and decided to try using it. I first made tonkatsu (pork cutlets with panko) and it turned out great.  I like that it doesn't have a greasy taste like when you deep fry it.  It feels rather light so you don't feel bad after eating it either.

I bought salmon the other day and looked for a recipe online to cook it in the air fryer.  I looked at several and decided to try the one on delish.com. I am used to just salted salmon cooked in a frying pan, but this one I made was really good!  I highly recommend it.

Today my mother brought over some left over curry with just vegetables.  I had bought more pork cutlets so I air fried more tonkatsu and had katsu curry for dinner.  

I am so happy I bought the air fryer on sale!  I had been keeping an eye on it online for several months until a sale came up.  I think it's the best thing I've bought in a long time.  And it's pretty much stress free.  When I would deep fry food I would usually get burns and would also have to wipe the oven and surrounding area clean because of all the oil that has splattered out of the pot.  The air fryer is so easy to clean and it leaves no mess around it.  I highly recommend it to people who are curious about it.  I am looking forward to trying out more recipes I find online.

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Update on Best Buy and other things

So the installation guys finally came today.  That's like one month later.  And they had no idea what they were doing.  They had to make phone calls back and forth and take photos to try to decide what to do.  Luckily I had done my research about the machine so I knew better than them what to do.  I hope everything works fine now.  The last thing I want is a leak.

Last week I went to a shopping area with Japanese stores called J-Town.  They were closed for a week due to some working holiday person at the grocery store there having Covid-19.  We stayed away for two weeks and finally went last Saturday.  My dad wanted me to buy him a lottery ticket but because he changed to the cheaper one lately, when he gives me a $10 bill there is change involved.  I told myself so strongly not to forget the change.  I got the change and walked out without the ticket.  I noticed that I never picked up the ticket when we were halfway home.  I phoned when we got back and luckily the ticket was still there.  They saved it for me and I got it today.  Next time I will remember the change and the ticket.

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Best Buy, you are now Worst Buy

In my non-online life, I have been depressed and things happening have not helped.  I bought a smaller laundry machine (or rather my sister did) so I could replace our broken one.  When we ordered it the website said that they would call to confirm delivery and if we wanted other options.  I never received a call so I called them three days before the delivery date.  We were able to add on the service to take away our old machine.  I also asked if I needed to buy anything to have the machine installed.  I asked this a few times. The girl told me everything was included and I didn't need anything extra.  The night before delivery we got a call saying that they couldn't charge us for the take-away fee because it was paid for by Paypal.  I quickly called them back but no reply.  Or rather the number they tell you to call can't be directed to operator as he said I should do, since no one picks up.  My sister had to call Best Buy and leave a message for the person who called to call back.  No call that night although we waited till quite late.  This gave me a headache and a sleepless night.  Well, they did come the next day and took our machine, but wouldn't install the new one saying we didn't have new hoses.  This is why I asked to girl on the phone a few days earlier.  I told him what she told me and the men told me it wasn't their fault.  That's all they would say.  I was literally forced to sign the paper to say that delivery and the install was successful.  I was not happy.  My sister then called Best Buy who the customer service person first said they could do nothing about it.  After my sister told them she paid for the service to have it installed (included with delivery) they said they would open a case and have someone call back in a few days.  Well, it's been like three weeks and nothing has been resolved.  You suck Best Buy.  Should I call you Worst Buy?

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Happy New Year

Sorry for the belated New Year greeting.  I had trouble logging in and kept on getting locked out.  If anyone is reading this, I hope you have been well.  I am hoping to update my website more frequently and add manga and BL novel reviews (in English).  My Tumblr account has been resurrected.  It has short reviews for BL manga and novels I've read (in Japanese), to keep track of what I have been reading.  I also started an online bookshelf of manga I own.  Not all the physical non-BL manga have been listed yet, but I think I got the majority up.  As for digital versions, I only have BL manga from Honto listed.  The EbookJapan ones, BL novels and non-BL titles have not been added yet.  As you can see I have a lot of books.

Hope this year turns out to be a better year than last year.

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Long time no see.  I have updated my sales page.  There are lots of items that have been added since the last notice on LJ.  You can see the list from here.

I am hoping I can make my website more active and also return to LJ for updates.

With the pandemic this year, I have been very busy with my parents but have not gone out much.  That gives me more time to try to read manga and novels so I hope to work on more book reviews.

We just started eating our homegrown edamame which usually means the summer is ending.  We had a good crop of tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and tomatoes as well so I am happy.  Fresh vegetables are the best!  I sure will miss them until next summer.

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Updated Items for Sale list

Happy New Year!

Over the past few months, and today, I have updated the list of things for sale I have up on my homepage here.  Some items include D.N.Angel (Sugisaki Yukiru) notepad, tin cases and stamps, Hikaru no Go plush mascots with pins or suction cups, stamp sets and postcards, Gentlemen's Alliance (Tanemura Arina) furoku wallet and file case, Fruits basket note cards, clipboard with note paper, and memo pad, Ashita no Nadja, Mamotte Shugogetten and Twin Spica pins, Koucha Ouji (Prince of Tea by Yamada Nanpei) binder with paper, teapot, pins, tea spoons and tea cozy, Candidate for Goddess / Pilot Candidate (Sugisaki Yukiru) stamp set, Full Moon wo Sagashite (Tanemura Arina) stationary set, Full Metal Alchemist clear file with tabs, and stamp set, Little Busters and Summon Knight fastener accessories, Yuri on Ice straps, and much much more.

I am also selling preowned DVDs (some have not been opened or watched).  These include Cyberteam in Akihabara, Dragonaut, Ghost Slayer Ayashi, Magical Play, Melty Lancer, Mezzo Danger Service Agency, Moonlight Mile, Origin Spirits of the Past, Paradise Kiss and Samurai 7.  I have one Japanese Blu-ray for sale and it is Hybrid Child Vol. 1, with extras.

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Items for Sale

I've deleted the previous post with the sales items and have updated the list.  You can see my items for sale here.  It will take you to my homepage under construction.  

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Manga for Sale

For anyone who may be interested, I have manga (all in Japanese) for sale.  Some are used and some are new.  There are also limited editions for some series.  Prices starting at $1. (I do have some I will be giving out for free if you buy a certain amount). The list can be found on my Google Drive, by visiting here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YBAkmTBMDXMCky99Zn0Pxmj43jOifqZ8k3brhb7AiMQ/edit?usp=sharing

Images are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9OSgKueEamWZWhlR1ptUW9GV1k

A list of more popular titles I have for sale include, Death Note, D.N.Angel, Shadow Skill, Peace Maker, Arata Kangatari, Matantei Loki RAGNAROK, and Candidate for Goddess.  

I also have magazines for sale.  They include Be Boy GOLD, and Ribon. The Ribon will include assorted furoku.  There's actually a box full of furoku and I am digging out more. I have lots of Ribon for sale and I will give you the whole batch for $30+$15 for all the furoku.  BBG I have from around 2011 and will be selling till about 2014 or 2015. No furoku will be included.  

I accept pickup in the east end of Toronto.  If you would like me to mail you the books (no magazines) I can do so, but please be patient with me.  I have never done so before so I have to first start with finding boxes to ship them out in. I accept Paypal.

If you are interested in purchasing manga or the magazines, leave a comment with your contact address.



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Hello there!

It's now mid-September and I am looking for places online to sell my things.  Hopefully I will have a list of them soon.  In the meantime I have added myself to two groups which will hopefully help me when I am ready to sell things. Until then ciao!